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Tire Evaluation – Continental E.Contact



According to Continental, the E.Contact is a bicycle designed for big e-bikes or lease bikes. They assert that this scooter to possess the maximum puncture and cut protection whilst still giving a minimal rolling resistance as a result of its dual coating of puncture resistance substance. The E.Contact includes the ECO 50 emblem and the ECE-R75 certificate that makes it appropriate for high-speed e-bikes around 50 km/h.

To attain the maximum puncture protection, Continental utilizes both a thick but soft coating of puncture resistance substance together using a SafetyPlus Breaker that’s a coating that’s more difficult to penetrate, but much thinner. When analyzing the E.Contact, I instantly noticed that this to be quite a stiff tire. In addition to this, the rubber chemical itself also seems to function as a quite difficult kind. I certainly feel that this scooter to be difficult to puncture, but is rolling immunity still okay?

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Do not forget to have a look at the review pages to make it simpler to compare all of tires which were examined.

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Puncture resistance is great, but rolling resistance is extremely significant. Continental’s promise of offering the maximum puncture resistance while still rolling simple is not correct. I actually like Conti’s street bicycle and mountain bike tires, but can not suggest using their flying bike tires since they don’t impress. Employing the E.Contact on lease bikes may be a fantastic option as I am sure the hard chemical and powerful sidewalls will endure for ages.

It becomes dull, but only getting a set of Schwalbe Marathon (read review) or Marathon Plus (read review) appears to be the simple option from the tour/e-bike class) These tires offer a fantastic puncture resistance and also a considerably lower rolling resistance.


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